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Alexandra Berta

Folk singer and zither performer

   „Every time I play music, sing on stage, I consider it as my personalized gift to my audience, an attempt to open one’s soul and touch it by the unique language of the Hungarian folk music”

   After starting her music education in the local School of Arts in Paks she began developing her own style, her own voice by reaching out to as many sources of knowledge as possible. During this period she's attended a number of folk music competitions winning some of the highest prizes (Kiemelt Nívódíjak, Aranypáva Nagydíjak, Különdíjak).

   In September 2007 she's been admitted to the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy's new Folk Music Programme from which she's graduated with a Bachelor in Folks Arts in 2010, a Master in Stringed Instruments in 2012 as well as a Folk Singing and Music Teacher diploma in 2013.

    Since 2009 she's been teaching classes at the Csutorás International Folk Music and Dance Summer Camp and in 2010/2011 she's been employed as zither teacher at the Ádám Jenő Music School in Szigetszentmiklós.

   She's dedicated to spreading the joy of listening to and playing the zither, educating the younger and the older generations, the beginners and the experienced alike. Since 2012 she's a zither teacher at the Hungarian Music Academy.

    As member of the KÓTA Folk Music Commission since 2013 she's actively partaking in the organization of leading folks music events, competitions. Starting 2103 she's employed as lecturer at the Hungarian Heritage House allowing her to gain an even deeper, closer relationship with the Hungarian folk culture and music.

    In 2103 she's been awarded with the Junior Prime Award for her achievements in folk music (click for promo video) which provided her with the motivation and ambition to record her second album, Soul to Soul. The same years she's been awarded in her hometown, Paks, with the "Paks Culture Award".

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